We always try to educate our customers in what they are purchasing. We feel that everyone should know exactly what they are buying.

We also find it difficult to turn anyone down. This is because we care about our customers. We never pressure anyone into buying our merchandise. We want our customers to feel comfortable in our store. As long as our customers are happy, we are happy.

We also provide on site jewelry work. Our work benches are not hidden. Our benches are out in the open because we want people to know that all our repairs and special orders are done on-site and in plain view for our customers to see. Gem City Jewelers is a jewelry store as well as a work shop. And since our work station is out in the open, we have nothing to hide. We have no problem with working while you wait.

Gem City Jewelers provides a number of different services. They consist of:

  • Jewelry sales
  • Design & special orders
  • Repairs on all jewelry
  • Watch repair
  • Diamond sales
  • Diamond setting
  • Semi & precious stones
  • Jewelry appraisals

We also buy scrap gold, silver, and platinum. And if you have loose stones and scrap gold, silver, and/or platinum, we can use your material to design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry made just for you.